Pre-Engineered Buildings

The complete building system is pre-engineered to facilitate easy production and assembly on site.

Team Work

Crown's sales, estimating, and engineering staff work closely with Crown builders to meet their specifications and to recruit new customers to purchase the company's products.

Crown's Vision

Crown is large enough to meet the customer's needs, but small enough to do it in a timely, efficient manner.




Business Profile:

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    Crown specializes in the design, manufacture, and erection of pre-engineered metal building systems.  The company's market area is nationwide.


    The metal building industry is highly competitive, based primary on price, delivery, customer service, and quality.  With these competitive factors in mind, Crown has recruited managers with experience and proven success in the competitive atmosphere of the metal building industry.


Pre-Engineered Buildings:

  • Pre-engineered buildings can be as unique as your needs. A computer-assisted design helps create a building for a specific use, whether it's a service station, retail outlet, manufacturing or office building. These buildings are intended primarily for commercial, industrial or institutional occupancies. They feature a structural steel framework of primary and secondary members (rigid frame, beams, purlins and girts, trusses, and columns) on to which cladding and roofing components are attached.

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